Our mission is to bring treatments to the market for diseases that cause severe pain and to find non-addictive answers for treating pain. JanOne – a biotechnology company.

Why? We treat disease at the source and we do our part to reduce the need for opioid prescriptions.

Why we are focusing on diseases that cause severe pain. JanOne a Biotechnology Company

At JanOne, our focus is to treat diseases that cause severe pain at the source and, in the process, we hope to bring non-addictive answers to the market to treat pain. We are starting with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), a condition that affects over 8.5 million Americans, many of whom are at risk for addiction when opioids are prescribed to treat the associated pain. JanOne – a biotechnology company.

If we can treat diseases that cause severe pain at the source, we believe we can do our part to reduce opioid addiction at the prescription pad.

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Phase 2b trials on the horizon for PAD treatment

JanOne acquired the worldwide right to JAN101, a treatment for PAD that showed promising Phase 2a clinical trial results. We are taking the proper steps to advance JAN101 into Phase 2b trials expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Follow along as we make headway towards a new world without pain.

Advancing our treatment for PAD

“We are treating PAD at its source while other treatments that exist today only treat symptoms. We are also excited about the potential pain relieving qualities of our formulation as it may lead to future advances for non-addictive pain solutions. ”

– Tony Giordano, Chief Scientific Officer, JanOne

What is PAD?

The first step to facing life with PAD is to learn about the disease, signs and risk factors, and treatments. We are here to help so you can be informed about what may be causing PAD and to make better health decisions.

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Understanding pain

Millions around the world suffer from chronic and neuropathic pain that can be severe and is caused by various conditions such as PAD. The more you know about the underlying cause of pain, the better it can be treated.

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