About JanOne

JanOne a biotech company was formed in 2019 to find medications that treat diseases with severe pain that result in the potential of prescribing of harmful opioid medications to treat associated pain. It is estimated that 40% of opioid overdose deaths involve prescription opioids, often a direct result to treat those who suffer from chronic pain and neuropathic pain. Our choice was to tackle the issue by treating diseases that cause severe pain at the source so pain is no longer the issue and that means the potential for less opioid prescriptions to treat associated pain. We are fighting opioid abuse at the prescription pad, one disease at a time.

When we launched JanOne and entered into the world of pharmaceuticals, our aim was to ensure we remained true to maintaining businesses with social responsibility. The result was the creation of a new, dynamic pharmaceutical organization focused on conditions that cause severe pain and to find non-addictive pain reduction alternatives.  Our vision is to see a world without pain and that starts with treating diseases that cause pain to millions around the world.  If we can treat the disease, we can alleviate associated pain and the need for opioid prescriptions. Ultimately, we hope our efforts lead to the development of non-addictive pain relieving medications to treat the many forms of chronic pain without the risk of addiction, abuse and overdose.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and with access to a global research community, we see a world without pain and work tirelessly towards that goal. We can’t solve that problem alone, but we can certainly have an impact in the years ahead.


Leadership team and advisory board

JanOne has amassed a uniquely qualified team of scientific and medical experts to lead our company. We have only just begun our quest to bring drugs to market to treat disease that cause severe pain, find non-addictive pain killing alternatives and to advance our treatment for PAD into Phase 2b clinical trials. As we evolve our business, we look forward to also growing our leadership team as well.

Biotech Company

Tony Isaac, CEO

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Tony Giordano, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

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Christopher Kevil, PhD, Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

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