Tony Giordano, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer – Dr. Giordano has held senior management positions at eight different biotechnology companies, including four that moved translated drug discovery efforts into early stage clinical trials. As CEO of TheraVasc, he was responsible for the development of TV1001 and while at Sulfagenix, he oversaw the launch of its medical food product. Most recently, he served as Senior Director of Special Projects in the Innovations group at the Cleveland Clinic where he worked with staff on advancing their programs to the clinic and to commercialization. He has previously consulted for numerous venture funds, biotechnology companies and was appointed by the Governor of Louisiana to his Innovation Council in 2008. Dr Giordano has secured over $6M in federal funding for the Companies he has managed, has authored over 50 manuscripts and has 11 issued and a number of pending patent applications. Before beginning his career in biotech, Dr. Giordano had positions as a senior scientist at Abbott Laboratories, Staff Fellow at NIA and Biotech Fellow at NCI.