Treat the symptoms or treat the pain

When answers are limited for treating diseases that cause severe pain, the solution is often a two-fold approach. Treat the symptoms and treat the pain. That means for millions around the world, the underlying cause of many diseases are left untreated and the associated pain results in the use of prescription opioids. It is a significant problem that gave us greater purpose beyond any one treatment itself – and first motivated us to be in the pharma business. pad

Biopharmaceutical companies around the world are working to bring drugs to market to treat a wide range of conditions.  All of these companies have a goal to make a difference in the lives of millions of people with unmet medical needs who need these new, novel treatments. But we wanted to do more and to have a bigger impact on society. So, we looked beyond the disease conditions and their treatment. That is where we found our answer.


Our mission becomes clear pad

After significant research by our team and seeing the tremendous economic burden of prescription opioid abuse, we realized that the one place we may be able to have an impact is at the prescription pad itself. That brought focus to our business and our mission became clear: introduce drugs to the market that will treat diseases causing severe pain and find non-addictive pain-relieving alternatives to reduce opioid abuse. By doing so, we believe we can reduce the need for prescription opioids and do our small part to mitigate the risk for opioid addiction and in some cases, overdose.

Our first drug candidate is to treat PAD and we have assembled an amazing team of experts in vascular science and pain.  When treating PAD associated pain, 25% of patients are at risk for opioid prescriptions so if we treat PAD at the source, we remove the need for pain relieving medications which are often dangerous opioids. We hope to evolve our business in the near future with new additions to our pipeline that attack other indications that cause severe pain or that will treat pain itself as an alternative to opioid prescriptions.  We are going to make a difference at the prescription pad. Investors


Phase 2b trials on the horizon for PAD treatment

JanOne acquired the worldwide right to JAN101, a treatment for PAD that showed promising Phase 2a clinical trial results. We are now taking the proper steps to advance JAN101 into Phase 2b trials expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2020. Advancing our treatment for PAD (CTA – link to Our Pipeline)