Virland A. Johnson was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Company on August 21, 2017. Mr. Johnson had previously served the Company as a consultant beginning in February 2017. Mr. Johnson also continues to serve as Chief Financial Officer for Live Ventures Incorporated, a holding company of diversified businesses (Nasdaq: LIVE). Prior to joining Live Ventures Incorporated, Mr. Johnson was Sr. Director of Revenue for JDA Software from February 2010 to April 2016, where he was responsible for revenue recognition determination, sales and contract support while acting as a subject matter expert. Prior to joining JDA, Mr. Johnson provided leadership and strategic direction while serving in C-Level executive roles in public and privately held companies such as Cultural Experiences Abroad, Inc., Fender Musical Instruments Corp., Triumph Group, Inc., Unitech Industries, Inc. and Younger Brothers Group, Inc. Mr. Johnson’s more than 25 years of experience is primarily in the areas of process improvement, complex debt financings, SEC and financial reporting, turn-arounds, corporate restructuring, global finance, merger and acquisitions and returning companies to profitability and enhancing stockholder value. Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Arizona State University.